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      词汇对于各类非母语考试的考生而言都是备考重点,这里57美国网小编整理了猴哥GRE填空高频词汇,希望可以对大家有所帮助。每天坚持效果才会好哟!DAY100  ...




       1. echo n. 回声 , 共鸣 v. 回响 , 附和 词频:1 [’ek?u]

      近义词:reflect / mirror / repeat;aftersound / bounceback

      权威例句:Figures from consulting firm Nielsen show how the baby boom echo is playing out.(FORBES: Companies, People, Ideas)

      2. contrition n. 悔悟 , 后悔 词频:1 [k?n’tri?(?)n]

      权威例句:And because American arrogance is the root of the problem, the solution must be Americancontrition. (CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: One civilization clashing)

      3. gloom n. 昏暗 , 黑暗 , 忧郁 词频:1 [glu:m]

      近义词:doldrums / hyp;shadow / heart sink;cloud

      权威例句:Meanwhile, Ford shares still trade as if gloom will pursue the company for years to come.(FORBES: The Bull Case For Ford Stock)

      4. amalgam n. 混合剂 , 汞合金 词频:1 [?’mælg?m]

      近义词:mixture / hybrid / mix / compound

      权威例句:So, now we have a President in the White House who is an amalgam of races.(FORBES: Christmas in our Souls)

      5. compound n. 混合物 v. 混合 a. 复合的 词频:1 [’k?mpaund]

      近义词:synthetise / mix together;make it up / make peace with someone;mixture / hybrid / mix;mixed / hybrid

      权威例句:In a moment, well give a hint about the compound arithmetic that makes this so.(FORBES: Rothify now)

      6. dislocation n. 混乱 , 断层 , 脱臼 词频:1 [?disl?’kei??n]

      近义词:chaos / disorder / confusion / involvement / mix

      权威例句:The reader gets a visceral sense of the dislocation the revolutionaries felt in their own city. (ECONOMIST: Tahrir Square, one year on)

      7. chaos n. 混乱 , 无秩序 词频:1 [’kei?s]

      近义词:disorder / confusion / involvement / mix / turmoil

      权威例句:Ancient wisdom foretells that Roberts ruling, sure to invite chaos, is worse than ObamaCare itself.(FORBES: Capital Flows)

      8. vitalism n. 活机论 , 生机说 词频:1 [’vait?liz?m]

      9. vitality n. 活力 , 生命力 词频:1 [vai’tæliti]

      近义词:animation / pet / spring / vigor

      权威例句:"Living culture is critical to the vitality of urban places, " Ms. Phillips told me.(WSJ: Big Ideas, Big Appetite)

      10. blaze n. 火焰 v. 照耀 , 燃烧 词频:1 [bleiz]

      近义词:tell the world / go public;flame / brilliance;burn / to shine

      权威例句:I’ve seen the world and it sights in my day, cities that blaze like the sun.(NPR: Judy Collins, From Both Sides Now)

      11. currency n. 货币 , 流通 词频:1 [’k?r?nsi]

      近义词:money / circulating medium

      权威例句:And it was the start of what became known as the Asian currency crisis in 1997-98.(FORBES: What I Learned From Jack Welch)

      12. procurement n. 获得 , 采购 词频:1 [pr?’kju?m?nt]

      近义词:purchasing / acquisition / getting / taking / winning

      权威例句:The procurement process itself is very complex, and the SBA should focus its procurement outreach efforts.(FORBES: Head To Head: Federal Small-Biz Contracts)

      13. bane n. 祸根 , 祸害 词频:1 [bein]

      近义词:tox / poison

      权威例句:The answer is because raising more is excessive dilution, and dilution is the bane of returns.(FORBES: The Energetics of Fear and Greed in the Boardroom)

      14. opportunism n. 机会主义 , 投机主义 词频:1 [’?p?tju:nizm]

      权威例句:Wednesday’s deal also represents a certain degree of opportunism on the part of Spain.(WSJ: Spain Sells Dollar Bond)

      15. confidentiality n. 机密性 词频:1 [?k?nf?den?i’æliti]

      近义词:secret / private and confidential

      权威例句:Neither has released us from that pledge of confidentiality, so they shall remain unnamed.(NPR: Challenger: Reporting a Disaster’s Cold, Hard Facts)

      16. ingeniousness n. 机敏 , 精巧 词频:1 [in’d?inj?snis]

      近义词:promptness / agility

      权威例句:"The ingeniousness of De Beers marketers lies in having forged a link between something people do not need, diamonds, and something they do need, love, " writes Hart. (FORBES: Fracture Lines)

      17. mechanism n. 机械装置 , 机理 , 办法 词频:1 [’mek?niz?m]

      近义词:theory / element / technique / skill / machinery

      权威例句:The folding mechanism works like a charm, and is one of the smoothest we’ve seen.(ENGADGET: blogger-avatar)

      18. tact n. 机智 , 手法 , 老练 词频:1 [tækt]

      近义词:wits / wittiness

      权威例句:Ross had hoped that TACT would help him meet someone, and, in a way, it had.(NEWYORKER: Looking for Someone)

      19. accumulation n. 积聚 , 积累 , 堆积物 词频:1 [?kju:mju’lei?(?)n]

      近义词:amassing / cumulation

      权威例句:Rosen laments the accumulation of information about us online and our inability to escape it. (FORBES: The Beauty of Never Forgetting)

      20. radicalism n. 激进主义 词频:1 [’rædik?liz(?)m]


      权威例句:This is radicalism plus responsibility, greenery plus growth, party politics and anti-party attitudes all at once. (ECONOMIST: Germany’s Green party is flourishing)








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