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    American University URL :[url= [b][b]希望大家补充[b]5.UIUC [b]Last year there were1,40...
    American University URL :[url= [b][b]希望大家补充 [b]5.UIUC [b]Last year there were1,400 applications were received for 180 positions, the average grade point average for entering graduate students was 3.6/4.0 and the average general GRE score was 2200 out of 2400. [b]Minimum Requirements [b](GPA) for the last 60 semester-hours (junior and senior years) of undergraduate study must correspond to a "B" or 3.0/4.0 or higher. If an applicant also holds a master degree, the GPA for must also be at least a "B". [b]Most applicants to the MS or PhD program hold a bachelor or master degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related area with a sufficient computer science component. Applicants to MCS degree must show a minimum background in computer programming, algorithms and data structures, computer organization, and theory of computation. [b][b]Admission Decisions [b]Graduate student admission and financial aid decisions are administered by the Fellowship, Assistantship, and Admissions (FAA) Committee comprising a number of faculty members and senior graduate students. [b]The FAA committee evaluates each application received by the deadline, based on the applicant academic grades, GRE scores, reference letters, statement of purpose, and all other relevant information. [b]Applications that are lacking required credentials will not be forwarded to the FAA committee for review until complete. [b]Applicants will be notified of the status regarding the completion of their file via email. No information concerning an applicant? file or admissions decision will be given to telephone or email inquiries. [b]Admission decisions will be announced by November 1 for spring admission and by March 15 for summer and fall admissions. [b]7. University of Texas?Austin 4.4 [b]ECE - Computer engineering 634610 (MSE,PhD) deadline January 2 [b]SEE FINACIAL AID FOR MS AND PHD [b]A grade point average of at least 3.00 in upper-division (junior- and senior-level) coursework and in any graduate work already completed.TOEFL 550 [b]11.University of Wisconsin?Madison 4.1 [b]MS Fall Admission Deadline: 12/31 [b]$45, TOEFL 600,GRE-V600,Q700,TSE GPA3.0/4.0 MAJOR 3.75/4.0,RANK 20% 录取率20% of 700, last year TA,RA [b]12. Georgia Institute of Technology 4.0 [b]$50 application fee [b]Each year there are more than 300 applications for about 50 positions in the program [b]MS deadline is March 1 [b]REQUIRED scores (GRE): [b]The General Exam scores should be in the 80 percentile range or higher in all three areas [b]The Computer Science subject exam scores should be in the 75 percentile range or higher. [b]The desirable minimum GPA is 3.0/4.0. [b]The desirable minimum is 600 for the TOEFL, however most candidates should be above this score. [b]Due to budget limitations, it is unlikely that the Master's program will have adequate resources to offer financial aid to more than a few of the top applicants (less than 5%). Aid will be based on qualifications for the program, not need. [b]12 Month total (3 semesters) $ 35682 (好贵) [b]phd的deadline for applying to the Ph.D. program is December 15 [b]14. Brown University (RI) 3.9 [b]The deadline for receipt of applications (including GRE scores and letters of recommendation) for the fall term is January 1. Applicants will be considered after this date, but the late applicant may be at a disadvantage with regard to the awarding of financial support. [b]GRE General (Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical) scores [b]GRE Subject (Computer Science) scores (strongly recommended but not required) [b]Academic Record [b]References [b]TOEFL for applicants whose native language is not English Applicants are urged to express clearly their area or areas of academic and research interest; applicants who do not provide such information are difficult to evaluate for admission. [b]The GPA is not the only criterion. Grades in computer science and related disciplines (e.g., math) count more than grades in other areas.we take into account the fact that at some very competitive schools it is very difficult to achieve a high GPA. [b]A number of University Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships are available for Ph.D. candidates. These positions cover the nine-month academic year and include a combination of tuition remission and stipend. Assistantships require a maximum of 20 hours per week teaching or research. In addition, some Research Assistantships cover the summer months [b]last year 7 new students entered our Ph.D. program, selected from a pool of 144 applicants, and 16 new students entered the Sc.M. program, selected from a pool of 72 applicants. To increase your chances of admission, you can apply to both the Ph.D. and Sc.M. programs. [b]15.University of California?Los Angeles 3.9 [b]a Chinese student profile [b]BASIC REQUIREMENTS [b]An applicant for admission must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and must have the necessary academic preparation to complete graduate level courses in Computer Science and must be able to score competitively on the GRE Subject (Advanced) test in Computer Science or Mathematics. We do not offer a ``conditional'' admission for applicants who need remedial work at the undergraduate level. Such work should be completed before applying to our program. [b]We expect at least a 3.3 GPA (on a 4.00 scale) in the junior and senior years, and at least 3.5 in any graduate study. These averages are considered the minimum requirements; the actual standard for admission is set by the current pool of applicants, and is generally much higher.[b]GRE scores on both the General (Aptitude) test and the Subject (Advanced) test are required for admission to both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs. If necessary, The (Advanced) test should be taken in Computer Science (preferred) or in Mathematics. All students applying for Fall should take the GRE tests no later than December. Applicants for Winter should take the GRE tests no later than October. The test must be taken within the last five (5) years before the desired date of admission. [b]Students are admitted twice a year to start in the Fall or Winter Quarter. The following deadlines for applications are strictly observed: August 15---for the following Winter (January) January 15---for the following Fall (September). [b]FINANCIAL SUPPORT Only a limited number of fellowships are available for first-year graduate students. These are awarded strictly on merit. Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships are awarded by the Department only once a year for studies beginning in the Fall. All students are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistantships. Research Assistants are selected by individual faculty members who have externally-funded research contracts or grants. [b]17. Rice University (TX) 3.8 [b]Q: What types of financial aid are available for MCS and MS pursuing students? [b]A: No aid is offered for the MCS program, so the applicant must have independent financial support. The MS program offers research assistantships. [b]Q: Can I apply to both the MCS and MS degree programs? [b]A: Yes. However, please be aware that a GRE Subject test in either computer science, math, or engineering is required for all MS/Ph.D applications. Although the subject test is recommended, it is not required for those applying to the MCS program. [b]Typical GRE scores for admitted applicants are in the 90-99th percentile on the quantitative and analytical portions of the GRE for those applying to the Ph.D. program and in the 80-89th percentile for the MCS program. CGPA scores range from 3.5-4.0 based on a 4.0 scale. Minimum TOEFL scores are 600 on the paper-based test.There is no minimum score for the GRE subject test [b]Q: Can I submit photocopies of my TOEFL/GRE scores instead of requesting reports? [b]A: Yes. [b]Q: I am a Ph.D applicant, but lack a GRE subject test score. Can I apply as an MS candidate instead? [b]A: The GRE subject test is required for both MS and Ph.D applications. [b]Q: Can the GRE subject test be waived? [b]A: The decision to waive the subject test requirement is at the discretion of the graduate admissions committee. [b]The 2002-2003 tuition for full-time graduate study is $18,500 per year. Required health insurance and other miscellaneous fees are about $450 annually. [b]Q: How much financial support do Ph.D. students usually receive? [b]A: In their first academic year, Ph.D. students in the department normally receive financial support in the form of Rice University fellowships, that carry a stipend of between $2000 and $2222 per month, plus tuition.[b]There are a limited number of "high stipend" awards for exceptional applicants. Applications for the MS/Ph.D program received by the early deadline of December 20 may be considered for a high stipend and a travel award. Applications received by the regular deadline of February 1 may be considered for a regular stipend. [b]18.University of North Carolina?Chapel Hill 3.8 [b]the median credentials for the 45 first-year students who began our program in fall 2002 [b]Quantitative GRE: 94th percentile [b]Verbal GRE: 86th percentile(86th with non-native speakers excluded) [b]Analytical GRE: 94th percentile [b]GPA (undergraduate): 3.8/4.0 [b]Request:: [b]A baccalaureate degree is required, with a grade point average of at least B (3.0/4.0); most entering students have a GPA of more than 3.5. [b]Although GRE Advanced Test scores are not required, applicants are encouraged to take the advanced test in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or physics, as appropriate. [b]We give preference to applicants who score above 640. The required minimum total score on the paper-based TOEFL exam is 575 with a minimum of 57 in each section [b]Personal Statement [b]Each applicant must submit a short personal statement directly to the department. The statement should include: [b]objectives in pursuing graduate study; [b]identification of fields within computer science in which the applicant has a particular interest; [b]information that is relevant to the applicant's qualifications for graduate study but that has not been included already in the application (e.g. major academic projects, papers presented or published, and non-academic computer experience); [b]an informative title or a brief description of any course listed on the applicant's transcript without a title (or with a vague title such as "Mathematics II"); [b]a list of all courses taken or planned that do not yet appear on a transcript; [b]an e-mail address, if available. [b]Please type the statement, if possible. It should be between a half page and two pages [b]Financial Support [b]During the academic year, most of our students are supported by assistantships and fellowships. The stipend for research and teaching assistantships for the nine-month academic year 2002-2003 will be $13,880 (20 hours a week). Also, at no cost to them, students are covered by a comprehensive major medical insurance program, underwritten by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina. Full-time summer employment on a research project is normally available to students who would like to receive support. The rate for summer 2002 will be $700 per week (40 hours) for 10 to 12 weeks. This will produce a combined annual financial package for our graduate assistants of approximately $22,280. … [b]The department provides a $500 educational fund each semester to any student who receives a competitive fellowship not granted by UNC-Chapel Hill. The fund may be used for education-related expenses, including books, journals, travel, computer supplies and accessories, and professional memberships. The department also awards a $1,500 supplement each semester to nonservice fellowship holders who join a research team.[b]To apply for an assistantship, the applicant should check the appropriate item on the admissions application form. Applicants for assistantships are automatically considered for all available fellowships. Students can expect continued support, contingent on satisfactory work performance and academic progress. [b]Students are not assigned to specific research projects or teaching assistant positions immediately upon being admitted to the department. Assignments are made just prior to the start of each semester, after faculty members and students have had an opportunity to meet and to discuss their interests. [b]Students are encouraged to gain professional experience through summer internships with companies in the Research Triangle area or in other parts of the country. [b]19.University of Pennsylvania 3.8 [b]Applicants are not required to take the GRE subject test [b](TOEFL) score of at least 600 [b]The deadline date for applying to the doctoral program (Fall) is December [b]15. The deadline dates for applying to the master's program (Fall)are: U.S. applicants - June 1; Applicants from overseas - May 1. [b]For doctoral candidates, if you note on the application that you wish to be considered for financial aid, you will be evaluated for all available sources of funding. [b]Departmental financial aid is available only for doctoral candidates - there is generally no departmental funding available for master's candidates. There are no RA positions available in the department; only research fellow positions for doctoral candidates. Teaching assistant duties are generally met by PhD candidates participating in a Teaching [b]Practicum. [b]20. Columbia University (NY) 3.7 [b]candidates should provide two letters of recommendation and the results of required standardized exams. The Graduate Record Examination (general) is required for all candidates. Subject GRE test is required for Computer Science. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of all students whose Bachelor's degree was received in a country in which English is not the official and spoken language. [b]Deadlines [b]January 5 if applying to Ph.D. programs and for all applicants requesting financial aid [b]January 15 if reactivating for the Fall term and requesting institutional financial aid [b]February 15 for applicants not requesting financial aid May 15 if reactivating for the Fall October 1 for all applicants to Spring programs [b]October 15 if reactivating for the Spring [b]21.Duke University (NC) 3.7 [b]The Duke University Graduate School is aware that recent improprieties have occurred in China, Taiwan, and Korea that have resulted in the computer based testing (CBT) program for the GRE being suspended in those countries. While we will still accept CBT scores from tests taken prior to October 1, 2002, we encourage you to take the paper-based test if at all possible to ensure the legitimacy of your scores. [b]The following values are assigned to letter grades when calculating the UPGA. [b]4.0 = A+, A 2.8 = B- 1.5 = D+ [b]3.8 = A- 2.5 = C+ 1.0 = D [b]3.5 = B+ 2.0 = C 0.8 = D- [b]3.0 = B 1.8 = C- 0.0 = F [b]TOEFL>=550 [b]December 1 - Deadline for postmark and completion of applications eligible to pay the reduced application fee of $65. It is also the recommended deadline, since some departments begin reviewing files and making decisions in early December. Any application postmarked after December 1 must be accompanied by the $75 fee or it will not be processed. The reduced fee applies only to fall applicants [b]Full-time Ph.D. students are provided tuition and stipend support through fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Opportunities for assistantships are occasionally available to Master's students. [b]22.Purdue University?West Lafayette (IN) 3.7 [b]GPA. We expect our entering students to have a grade point average (GPA) [b]equivalent to at least 3.50 (A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0) in all their courses as well in computer science and mathematics courses. If the institution does not use an ABC... grading system and does not publish an official algorithm for converting its grades to such a system, then we expect applicants from it to be in the top ten percent of their class. [b]English. International applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate competence in English. On the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), we expect at least 60 on each part of the paper-based test or 25 on each part of the computer-based test. On the Test of Written English (TWE), we expect at least 5.0. [b]All applicants whose native language is not English and who want to be considered for a teaching assistantship should take the Test of Spoken English (TSE) because a score of 50 or better is required for almost all teaching assistantships. Local applicants may be permitted to take Purdue's Oral English Proficiency Test (OEPT) instead. [b]HAVE TOTAL 200 graduate students [b]Financial Support [b]23.University of California?San Diego 3.7 [b]GPA: A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (this requirement applies to domestic applicants only).[b]GRE scores are valid only if they are no more than five years old. It is also recommended, but not required, that applicants take the Computer Science GRE Subject Test The minimum TOEFL score required for consideration for admission is 550 To addresses outside of the U.S.: September 1, 2002 - December 14, 2002 (We do not mail applications to addresses outside the United States after this date, because it has been our experience that this is the latest we can send an application and expect an applicant to successfully submit it before the deadline in early January.) [b]$60.00 [b]Generally all of our PhD students are offered support for at least the first year, and can expect to have support through their degree if they continue to make adequate progress. Support comes in the form of fellowships, teaching assistantships (TA), or research assistantships (RA). [b]Assistanships are 20-hour/week positions that pay a stipend, tuition and fees, and health insurance. Typically a PhD student will have a fellowship the first year and then be offered a research assistantship in subsequent years by their advisor. [b]Students should also look into applying for extramural fellowships (see our fellowship pages by Bennet Yee), which gives them more flexibility in choosing an advisor, etc. [b]Masters students may also be offered a teaching assistantship upon admission to the program. Research assistantships may also be forthcoming once faculty members become more familiar with a student's work. [b]Many of our Masters students choose to work in local industry (or already do). San Diego is one of the fastest growing high technology areas in the country, and has been named the "Wireless Capital of the World," and the "#1 place to do business in America," by Forbes magazine. [b]25. University of Massachusetts?Amherst 3.6 [b]Q. What are my chances of getting an assistantship (financial aid)? [b]A. It is our policy to provide financial aid (assistantships) to those admitted students requesting it. Stipends come in the form of Research/Teaching Assistantships (12 month or 9 month), For example, stipends for the Academic Year 2001-2002 were $18,200 for 12 month [b]appointments and $13,300 for 9 month appointments. [b]It is also worth mentioning that the cost of living is cheaper in the Pioneer Valley than many other places which makes it easier to live on the level of support we offer. [b]the January 15th deadline [b]emphasis is put on your academic background, letters of recommendation, personal statement, previous achievements, GPA and the GRE scores. We generally receive over 700 applications each year and enroll 30-40 students.[b]Q. Is the GRE subject test required? [b]A. The GRE subject test is strongly encouraged [b]Q. What are the average GRE scores and GPA's of accepted applicants? [b]A. Although standardized tests are by no means the only criteria considered, average GRE scores in all three areas (verbal, quantitative, analytical) within the past 5 years for accepted students have been in the high 600/700's. Average GRE percentiles of students who have been accepted are: [b]Verbal: 84th percentile [b]Quantitative: 93rd percentile [b]Analytical: 93rd percentile [b]GPA's are usually greater than 3.0. [b]26.Yale University (CT) 3.6 [b]27. University of Southern California 3.5 [b]The university requires a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 (on an A equals 4.0 grade scale) and acceptable GRE scores. In the past, an acceptable GRE score has been a minimum combined Quantitative and Verbal GRE score of 1,000. Each department sets its own requirements in addition to these minimum university requirements. Many are more competitive.[b]Admission Requirements [b]Applicants must submit results of the GRE General (aptitude) examination. [b]Applicants to the M.S. must submit three letters of recommendation directly to the department; Ph.D. students must submit four letters. All students must contact the department for additional information and a supplementary departmental application. Address correspondence to Academic Administrator, Earth Sciences. [b]Application Deadlines Spring 2002 deadline-December 1, 2001 Fall 2002 deadline-February 1, 2002 [b]Financial Aid [b]Students wishing to be considered for graduate assistantships or fellowships must apply by February 1, 2002, for the Fall 2002 semester. [b]There is little financial assistance available directly from the Computer Science department to support M.S. studies. Assistantships and fellowships are allocated to students who are working toward Ph.D. degrees. All admitted doctoral candidates are automatically evaluated for eligibility of departmental aid, no application is necessary. All awardees will be contacted by one of our faculty directly[b][b][b]




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