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    1.要材料:Subject: Hard Copy Request [b][b]  Dear Sir/Madam, [b][b]  I am going to g...
    1.要材料:Subject: Hard Copy Request [b][b]  Dear Sir/Madam, [b][b]  I am going to graduate from School of Physics in Peking University in [b]July next year. I am very eager to enter the Graduate School of your [b]University next fall to study physics for Ph. D. degree.I would appreciate [b]it very much if you would send me a graduate catalog of your university and [b]any oth er necessary information, and also a set of application forms for [b]admission. Thank you for your kind assistance. [b][b]  My current mailing address: [b][b]  Mr.Romanti [b][b]  Box XXX [b][b]  Beijing Univ. [b][b]  Beijing 100871 [b][b]  P.R.China [b][b]  Sincerely yours, [b][b]  Romanti [b][b]2.询问自己的材料是否已经收到 [b][b]  Dear Sir/Madam, [b][b]  Have you received my application supporting materials? I sent it via [b]airmail three weeks ago. I'm worried about it. When will you begin to [b]review application materials and make decisions? All your help will be [b]greatly appreciated. [b][b]3.补充材料,比如通常SUB成绩出来已经很晚了 [b][b]  Hi Debra, [b][b]  I got my [url= physics score today through telephone service. [b]Registration Number: [b][b]  Date: 11/10/2001 [b][b]  Score: [b][b]  Percentile: [b][b]  I hope you can add it to my materials. Sorry for the trouble. [b][b]4.询问是否做了决定 [b][b]  Hi Angelita, [b][b]  I'm sorry to bother you, but I really need your help. [b][b]  I hear two guys has got offers from your department. Have you already [b]begun to offer admissions to promising applicants? I am writing to ask [b]whether you have made any decision on my files. [b][b]5. 拿到admission后要钱 [b][b]  Subject: New PhD Student Looking for Research Opportunity [b][b]  Dear Professor Kimerling, [b][b]  I am a physics undergraduate in China, and received the admission to [b]the graduate program in XXX several days ago. I am writing to ask whether [b]you want to recruit new PhD student to your group. [b][b]  After carefully…….(对对方课题表示自己的兴趣和看法)。。。。I do hope to [b]j oin your group and explore my interests as a research assistant. Your [b]kind reply and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. [b][b]1.接到offer后表示感谢 [b][b]  Hi Nichole, [b][b]  Thank you very much for telling me this good news. Your department is [b]so famous all over the world. I feel honored to be admitted by your [b]department.I will consult some professors for advice and tell you my [b]decision after careful consideration. [b][b]  Thank you again for you in the process of my application [b][b]2.接受offer [b][b]  Hi Paula, [b][b]  I decide to accept your offer after careful consideration. I will [b]request ETS to send official GRE general score. [b][b]  Is the formal notification of the acceptance of my application from the [b]Admissions Committee sent by regular mail or by express? If you use the [b]latter please tell me the tracking number of the package because my mailing [b]address has difficulty to accept such mails. Sorry for the trouble. [b][b]3.绝offer,同时不妨推荐飞友,虽然可能不会有多大作用 [b][b]  Sorry for my late reply to your offer letter of admission and financial [b]support. [b][b]  In cooperation with my classmates and my teachers, I carefully reviewed [b]the gracious offer from you. UW is really a famous university that we all [b]admire, and I think your financial aid is sufficient enough for me to live [b]an easy life in USA. However, I regret to inform you that I can't take this [b]precious opportunity, because I have made my decision to accept another [b]offer of Fellowship from Stanford University. [b][b]  For this position, I can recommend Mr.XXX who has applied to your [b]department. In terms of scholastic capacity and work ability, he is also a [b]strong applicant. He, however, has not received notification of admission [b]or financial aid. I believe he will be delighted to accept your offer. His [b]birthday date:XXX [b][b]  Please accept my deep appreciation for your very kind assistance to my [b]application. [b][b]




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